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It is high quality education, with teachers who are able to find an individual approach to everyone. Your weak spots will be identified and turned into confident skills. I’m extra grateful to these guys because thanks to Online Class I became a student of Minsk State Linguistic University.

Evgeniya Kovaleva (link to Facebook profile)



I started studying here a little more than a year ago, so I have no doubts about the format now. Distance learning at any convenient time is perfect for the fast crazy life we’re all living now. My teacher is always okay with us rescheduling classes and even moving them to the weekend, if that’s suitable. There are two students in my group, so there’s only one person besides me, and it’s perfect! There’s enough time for everything, we speak a lot, listen to audio files and at this point we can even joke in English! :) Both teachers I’ve had are qualified professionals who make their classes engaging and easy to follow. I have already had a chance to successfully test my English skills outside the classroom, even though I started studying from scratch! This was extra motivation for me. In short, all of you should come study here. Huge thanks to Irina and Mel, the wonderful people behind this! Good luck to you and all of your students!

Irina Murashko (link to Facebook profile)



I highly recommend Online Class to everyone who wants to achieve great results in learning English! Treated in a friendly way, you will soon feel comfortable and ready for intensive speech practice. The teachers have great programs and tweak them to your interest and needs. Flexible schedules make sure you don’t miss classes. Learning online is great, it saves time and renders great results! Good luck Online Class!

Svetlana Biran (link to Facebook profile)



As a student of Online Class, I recommend these courses to everyone who has little spare time and energy to learn a foreign language, yet seriously feels it’s time to make progress and stop saying “I’m starting tomorrow”. The format is 100% suitable both for beginners and advanced students seeking to polish their speaking skills. My 7-year-old son has started learning here. Learning online is absolutely great for children too, they love technology :)

Yulia Avgul (link to Facebook profile)



Before I found Online Class, my English skills were, alas, extremely limited in terms of both grammar and vocabulary. Add to that a considerable amount of fear to speak up and make mistakes. The situation got changed in so little time! I feel more confident and I've learned to discuss a wide range of topics. I’ve learned exactly what I need to use English in everyday life and abroad. These classes broaden your horizons! Going beyond them is up to you. A flexible schedule and professional teachers will help you with it. Looking forward to every next lesson with our lovely teacher! Best regards, Andrey. 

Andrey Davydenko (link to Facebook profile)



I would like to thank Online Class co-founders Mel and Irina Rogers, and my teacher Olga Hutornaya, for giving me the chance to learn English online very fast, and basically from scratch! I had tried learning by myself before, using books and Internet resources, but that left me with more questions than answers. Learning English online and following a personalized study plan, I got all my questions answered, and, most importantly, I now have enough solid knowledge to keep studying English on my own! I am confident about my English skills. Learning with Online Class was easy, and I felt very comfortable all the way. Thank you! 

Aleksandr Hilinskiy


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