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Why come to our English speaking club SpeakEasy? With this question, we have turned to teenagers who come to meetings of the club every Sunday. We have filmed all the answers and you can watch the videos here. Everyone answered in English, and we are so proud of these guys: being in high school or in their first year of university, they already speak English fluently! There are SpeakEasy meetings for adults as well, every Sunday at 1 pm.

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“I come here to…”

Get to know the culture of Great Britain

Polina: We’ve been coming here for a year and a half, and we’ve been through a lot together as a group. We celebrated each other’s birthdays, celebrate Halloween, celebrated New Year. It’s interesting to get to know the culture because, for example, we don’t celebrate Halloween here in Belarus. But thanks to Mel who is our native speaker, we get to learn a lot about their culture, the way they live, we try some food that they have and we don’t have here.

Have a good time

Sasha: There are great opportunities to make friends, you can talk to a foreigner which is really great. You can share views, you can play games so besides being educational, it’s also entertaining.

Improve my English speaking skills

Natasha: We can improve our language skills because it’s really important when you study a certain language to improve exactly your conversational skills. There’s no use learning a lot of grammar rules if you don’t apply them in practice.

Overcome the fear of talking to a native speaker

Alina (talking to Mel): I remember the first time when I came here. I was really afraid because I was there with the girls from the 10th form, and they were speaking so well. And I remember the feeling of being afraid because I didn’t even understand you talking. It was so hard for me because you were talking so fast and I didn’t really understand your accent. But after 3 or 4 times it was quite easy and I decided that I would come here. And I’ve been coming here for a year and a half, and it’s really helpful to go here.

Speak English so that a native speaker understands

Egor: The first time when I came to this club, I could understand Mel really well but he couldn’t understand me because of my accent. And every time I said something, he asked: “What did you say? I can’t understand you”. And now we speak easily to each other, and it’s really great.

Mel: So now I can understand Egor.

Alina: That’s perfect.

Mel: And that’s communication. That’s great. If there’s one thing we’ve done, and that’s made me feel good, is you can understand me. Very few people can.

Spend a great Sunday

Nikita: I like this place because of Mel.

Mel (off camera): What smell?

Nikita: There is a special atmosphere that I want to be in, and every Sunday morning I wake up early to come here.

Spend a few hours as if not in Belarus

Sasha: I think that Sunday is my favorite day because of this club. When we are here, it’s like we’re not in Belarus. It’s about the atmosphere because everybody here is kind, everybody here is smart, everybody here wants something. We can spend our time with the best people I think. I think Mel will start crying now (everyone laughs).

Have tea with cookies

Anya: We meet some new people, and we have pretty close interests. We have cookies (laughing).

Sasha: Yes, cookies are very important.

Joke around with Mel (native speaker of English, the founder of the club)

Anya: This club helps us to get to our dreams, to our goals. We can improve our speaking, we can talk to a native speaker.

Nikita: He always jokes, all the time.

Mel (off camera): Poka! (everyone laughs)

Nikita: Just like now.

Discuss global problems

Sasha: I think the most interesting part of our talks is when we discuss some really big problems with politics, economy… Yes, it’s really important because you can feel that your opinion is important for somebody and it doesn’t matter that you are only teenagers, you can think about it and develop your mind.

Have personal conversations

Polina: I think that with teachers and with private tutors, you are not able to build some close relationships because it’s always teaching. But when you come and just talk, it’s more intimate and private, and that’s what creates the true friendship between us.

Spend time with friends

Natasha: Yes, we really like Mel and Irina Rogers because they are people who don’t behave like they are teachers but they are mainly our friends who can share their knowledge with us. They are extremely friendly and they don’t create an atmosphere when you are afraid of making mistakes.

Discuss something, share views

Sasha: There are no barriers, you can be free, you are free to talk, to discuss and to share your opinions so it’s also a kind of… self-expression, if you can say so.

If you live in Mogilev, SpeakEasy founders Mel and Irina Rogers organize club meetings there every Sunday: for teenagers at 11am (5 BYN for 2 hours) and for adults at 1 pm (10 BYN for 2 hours). You can reach Irina at +375 (29) 182-26-21 to learn more or get your questions answered. If you live in a different city or even in a different country, you can still join SpeakEasy - online! Online English speaking clubs with native speakers will be available soon. Follow us to get the news first!









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